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Mirror with lights

We all like to make ourselves up, get dressed up, and have a night out on the town from time to time. If you are like me, when you step out you want to do it the properly. However, with anything you need the proper tools. The same way you would shop around online at Best Buy, Brands Mart, or other store to compare the prices of a TV or a laptop you would do the same for your makeup mirror with lights (Vanity). You would research different types of vanity mirrors and the lights that up the mirrors, such as back lighted mirrors or lighted mirrors (LED illuminated). Before you go to purchase your mirror, you want to ask yourself these questions while during your research.

  1. What is the best light up makeup mirror?
  2. What kind of lighting is best for applying makeup?
  3. Are back lit makeup mirrors good for makeup?
  4. What are the differences between back lit and LED illuminated mirrors?

It is imperative to do your research before purchasing anything. You do not want to go buy anything on a whim. You should compare the prices, research the brands you would like to purchase, and see if the online store offers mail-in rebates. Figure out exactly what it is you want down to the very minute detail. You want to be happy with your purchase. Leave no stone upturned! I cannot stress enough how much you should research a product before you purchase it.

Read the reviews, and ask someone you know who has purchased an item similar to what you are trying to purchase, word of mouth is still valid. Make sure you know how many different variations the item comes in. And lastly, enjoy the experience. You only have one life to live, live it well.

Shedding some light on history

The vanity table has a long history. Today it is called a vanity table. I am writing this article about the mirror portion of the vanity table, just to be clear. In the 19th century it was called a dressing table they were used as accessory furniture and served both functional and a decorative purpose; a mirror that could be tipped for a better view was attached to the top of the table in the 1750s.

There are different kinds of vanities, you have freestanding vanities and vanities where the base is cut out in the cabinetry. The vanities cut out in cabinetry are the ones with the makeup mirror with lights mounted on the wall. The freestanding vanities have the mirror attached to the base.

What is the best light up mirror?

After doing much research, the Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror With 5x Magnification reigned supreme amoungst all the other mirrors on Amazon. People noted how easier it was to apply makeup with a mirror from Jerdon. Some women stood strongly behind the mirror saying that they use it every day. The magnification on the item stands on its on with little to no competition.

What kind of lighting is best for applying makeup?

Good lighting allows you to apply face makeup without having to worry about shadows. Too much light creates heat which can lead to sweating, and too light doesn’t allow you to apply your makeup correctly, making it difficult to achieve the look you want.

The best condition for applying makeup is a warm or natural light source. Natural sunlight provides the most accurate reflection of your face. When you are indoors or if the day is cloudy it is best to use a LED light as LED lights mimic the sun’s rays. LED lights are designed to define color contrast in your space which makes your room look more colorful and brighter.

Are back lights good for makeup?

There are different kinds of lighting on makeup mirrors with lights, back lighting is just one type. Backlighting can only be done when the mirror is mounted on a wall. Backlit mirrors are one of the most popular mirrors.They are installed in the bathroom; LED lighting tubes it behind the mirror, outlining its perimeter. It gives off a subtle, but sufficient light that make it easier to shave, tweeze, minimize pores, or whatever you need to do that requires a well-lit reflection.

Through the LED lights, the mirror can create a glow, which can be a standout light source in the bathroom, creating a certain mood. The subtle lights from the mirror outline can make the mirror stand out, and come off the wall, creating a layer of depth, but still enough to let people use it for makeup and other essential activities inside of the room.

What are the differences between back lit and LED Lit Mirrors?

Backlit mirrorThe difference between a back lit and standard LED illuminated mirror is where the bulbs/ lighting source is situated. The LED mirror can drastically transform a darker room into a very well lit, and welcoming environment. A good illuminated makeup mirror with lights can bring your bathroom or makeup room to life, adding a warm glow that enhance the relaxing mood of your personal space.

They are highly popular for en suites ans smaller rooms, illuminated or LED lit rooms mirrors reduce gloom and can make a room feel larger and more expansive. LED lit makeup mirrors are the most popular due to the light output the tiny LED bulbs produce. LED bulbs are more energy efficient than a standard light bulb. It helps to reduce electricity costs, as well as bathing your room in a soothing, flicker free light. These mirrors, if mounted permanently to a wall, are usually wired directly in your mains supply. Freestanding makeup mirrors with lights can be battery operated, or plugged into the wall through a cord connected to the mirror.

Backlit mirrors offer some same advantages, but can be slightly cheaper depending on the size of the mirror. Backlit mirrors have their bulbs mounted towards the back of the mirror with the light shining beautifully through carefully etched shapes of glass. This is opposite to the mirrors mentioned above, which have their bulbs mounted on the top of or within the surface.

Thanks to their design, these mirrors can incorporate a wider range of lighting shapes than many other types of mirrors, allowing new and unusual styles and designs which can truly make your room stand out. While these lights are not as bright as the LED makeup mirrors with lights mentioned above, they provide a subtle and warming glow which can would greatly benefit any room. These are perfect for your morning shave or putting on your makeup.


Antique vanityTo sum it all up, you need the right tool for any job. Even though it may seem minuscule to some many makeup gurus, makeup hobbyists, and professional makeup artists will tell you that good lighting is everything in their world. You had better believe they do their research on each and every product they use. I believe you should as well. Besides, it is your face. Wear it well.

Put your best face forward,