Mink Lash Extensions- Review

Product: Mink Lash Extensions

Price: $47.59

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

Size/Quantity: 10 pairs

Rating: 10 out of 10


I wear lashes on occasions, and when I do wear them I want to make sure I look right and comfortable. These lashes are highly quality; 100% Siberian mink fur. They have the perfect 3D layered effect. They are glamorous and they come with a shine to die for. I really like this particular brand of mink eyelashes. They are more comfortable than synthetic lashes, I can attest to that.


I found installing the lashes to be very easy and not painstaking at all. I recently got a fetish for false lashes. I was browsing Amazon’s website looking for some appealing lashes to purchase and I came across these lovely lashes and I just had to have them. I purchased the lashes and received them in 2 days.

I did not have any issues with the company or the product. I was reading the reviews, that’s what I solely base my chance of purchase on, and I saw one merchant sold a product that made their customer break out. I could not find that problem anywhere with this merchant. I was relieved to find that no one had any adverse reactions to these lashes.

Goo Goo Hair

Goo Goo hair seems like a nice online boutique. I didn’t see anything wrong with the item that I purchased. I’ll just stick with the lashes because the hair types that they carry does not match with my hair texture.

Would I shop with them in the future?

Yes, I would shop with them in the future. However, I would rather use the silk lashes because of the backlash people get from uses REAL mink eyelashes, so I may find another vendor. Let me be clear, it has NOTHING to do with their product. It just has something to do with my preference.

My Final Thoughts

As I said before, these lashes are to die for. I really liked them and the price I would gift a pair to my friends. They stand up to the mink name.

Let me know about your experiences with mink lash extensions, and what brands do you prefer by leaving a comment below.

Virgin Grape Seed Oil-Review

Product: Virgin Cold Pressed Grape Seed Oil

Price: $18.99

Chepest Place To Buy: Amazon

Size Of Container: 1 Gallon

My rating: 9 out of 10


100% Pure, Cold Pressed, Virgin, Undiluted GrapeSeed Oil from Zatural

The benefits of this oil on the skin: acne, skin tightening, minimizes under-eye circles, moisturizing, and assist with aging skin

The benefits of the grapeseed oil for hair: It moisturizes the scalp and hair, aids dandruff, adds shine to hair, and helps strengthens hair.

What it can do for your health: It is hypoallergenic, rich in antioxidants, rich in essential fatty acids, it has a relatively high smoke point so it is great for cooking while using high temperatures.

My Opinion

You can buy the product in various sizes: 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz, 128 oz, and 640 oz. I like to go with the 32 ounce size. It is not too big or too small. For me it is just right. As I have stated numerous times in my articles this one is my favorite oils. I have tried different grapeseed oil from many vendors, but this particular vendors oil is A1.

My First Thought About The Product And Company

The texture is smooth and consistent. Their oil does not have a foul smell. It has a pleasant smell, to me it is nutty. It did not have any lumps in it. Nothing floating around the bottle that should’nt be. I cook with this oil, I use it on my face, I use it on my hair, and In even put some into my lotion bottle and shake it up, so it can mix together well. The name of the brand I like to use is Zatural. I really, really like this company and I stand by this company. The product is great and they shipped the item and I when I received it came just like they said it would.

My Final Thoughts

I will always stand by this company. I love their grapseed oil product. I will continue to buy this product. I have not used any other products from them. I haven’t gotten around to it, but eventually I will. If you have used this product please leave a comment below.