Types Of Makeup Foundation


There are different types of makeup foundation, foundation is not a one size fits all product; there are a vast variety of makeup foundations. They come in different shades, coverage, tints, and compositions. It is recommended that you choose a foundation that pairs well with your skin, gives you exactly what you are looking for and makes your skin better, not worst.

All foundation fall into one of 4 main categories, depending on how you want to view things.

  • Liquid Foundation (Matte- finish, moisturizing liquid)
  • Stick Foundation
  • Powder Foundation
  • Mineral Foundation

Liquid Foundation

This particular foundation is the most popular type of foundations and it is the grandfather of all the foundations. Most people like it because it glides on with ease, leaving the very nice finish. It is good for both dry to combination skin types. Liquid foundation comes in bottles and tubes. The coverage ranges from a light sheen to a full. This foundation is very easy to blend so much so you can mix 2 different shades together to achieve the color or shade you desire.

There are 2 sub categories that fall under liquid, if you don’t count creams and waterproof formulated foundation,

Matte-Finish Liquid Foundation

Matte-Finish foundation is lightweight, it falls under the liquid foundation category it is easy to blend. This foundation is great at holding back the excessive oily shine that we all dread. Those who have blemish prone skin can use this foundation because it covers well, but it also does not cause blemishes or make them worse. It is great for people who live in humid climates. Like all things it has its pitfalls, foundations with matte-finish can amplify flaky skin or wrinkles if the finishes lacks moisture.

Moisturizing Liquid Foundations

The moisturizing liquid foundation can have a light to medium coverage, it makes your look more natural. It is great for hydrating skin, it does not leave your skin with a greasy appearance. It is perfect for normal to dry skin. Moisturizing foundations embody a light sheen to make the skin look more youthful. This particular foundation is not a good choice for oily skin, it makes the skin look more oily.

Stick Foundation

This is similar to a cream foundation, but they provide a medium to full coverage to cover up imperfections. They provide a heavier type of makeup coverage; they are practical. They are great for traveling, they can also be used as a concealer. It works well for those situations where you may need to touch up your makeup on the go. Foundation sticks contain oils which make this foundation have a waxy, texture, this may lead to your pores clogging up. or worsen a previous breakout. If you are prone to breakout this foundation is not for you.

Powder Foundation

Powder foundation is easy to apply. It normally comes in a compact case; it is also good for creating a matte finish and you can use it for touch ups. It has dual capabilities, it can be used wet or dry for more coverage. If you feel that liquid foundation is too messy, this foundation will be a good fit or you. It is best for those with oily skin and skin that lacks fines lines.

Mineral Foundation

Mineral foundation is for those who are interested in natural and organic makeup. There are more mineral foundation choices nowadays than there previously were. These beauties are composed of crushed minerals extracted from the Earth. A lot of people like them because they are free of preservatives, talc, oil fragrance and other things that might harm the skin.

This type of foundation comes in a loose powder; it comes in a compact or sifter providing medium to full coverage. This foundation does less harm to the skin and you can even sleep in some brands. Mineral foundations are better for those who have sensitive skin and those who suffer from acne or rosacea. This foundation might be a bit too dry for those who have dry skin. One thing about this particular type is you have to get the right brush for the best application, and it does take time to master the process of applying the foundation.



There are different types of makeup foundation, they come in all shades, tints and compositions. The right foundation for you is out there, you just have to find it. This quest may seem daunting, but with a little time, research, and perseverance you will achieve your goal.

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