Types Of Makeup Foundation


There are different types of makeup foundation, foundation is not a one size fits all product; there are a vast variety of makeup foundations. They come in different shades, coverage, tints, and compositions. It is recommended that you choose a foundation that pairs well with your skin, gives you exactly what you are looking for and makes your skin better, not worst.

All foundation fall into one of 4 main categories, depending on how you want to view things.

  • Liquid Foundation (Matte- finish, moisturizing liquid)
  • Stick Foundation
  • Powder Foundation
  • Mineral Foundation

Liquid Foundation

This particular foundation is the most popular type of foundations and it is the grandfather of all the foundations. Most people like it because it glides on with ease, leaving the very nice finish. It is good for both dry to combination skin types. Liquid foundation comes in bottles and tubes. The coverage ranges from a light sheen to a full. This foundation is very easy to blend so much so you can mix 2 different shades together to achieve the color or shade you desire.

There are 2 sub categories that fall under liquid, if you don’t count creams and waterproof formulated foundation,

Matte-Finish Liquid Foundation

Matte-Finish foundation is lightweight, it falls under the liquid foundation category it is easy to blend. This foundation is great at holding back the excessive oily shine that we all dread. Those who have blemish prone skin can use this foundation because it covers well, but it also does not cause blemishes or make them worse. It is great for people who live in humid climates. Like all things it has its pitfalls, foundations with matte-finish can amplify flaky skin or wrinkles if the finishes lacks moisture.

Moisturizing Liquid Foundations

The moisturizing liquid foundation can have a light to medium coverage, it makes your look more natural. It is great for hydrating skin, it does not leave your skin with a greasy appearance. It is perfect for normal to dry skin. Moisturizing foundations embody a light sheen to make the skin look more youthful. This particular foundation is not a good choice for oily skin, it makes the skin look more oily.

Stick Foundation

This is similar to a cream foundation, but they provide a medium to full coverage to cover up imperfections. They provide a heavier type of makeup coverage; they are practical. They are great for traveling, they can also be used as a concealer. It works well for those situations where you may need to touch up your makeup on the go. Foundation sticks contain oils which make this foundation have a waxy, texture, this may lead to your pores clogging up. or worsen a previous breakout. If you are prone to breakout this foundation is not for you.

Powder Foundation

Powder foundation is easy to apply. It normally comes in a compact case; it is also good for creating a matte finish and you can use it for touch ups. It has dual capabilities, it can be used wet or dry for more coverage. If you feel that liquid foundation is too messy, this foundation will be a good fit or you. It is best for those with oily skin and skin that lacks fines lines.

Mineral Foundation

Mineral foundation is for those who are interested in natural and organic makeup. There are more mineral foundation choices nowadays than there previously were. These beauties are composed of crushed minerals extracted from the Earth. A lot of people like them because they are free of preservatives, talc, oil fragrance and other things that might harm the skin.

This type of foundation comes in a loose powder; it comes in a compact or sifter providing medium to full coverage. This foundation does less harm to the skin and you can even sleep in some brands. Mineral foundations are better for those who have sensitive skin and those who suffer from acne or rosacea. This foundation might be a bit too dry for those who have dry skin. One thing about this particular type is you have to get the right brush for the best application, and it does take time to master the process of applying the foundation.



There are different types of makeup foundation, they come in all shades, tints and compositions. The right foundation for you is out there, you just have to find it. This quest may seem daunting, but with a little time, research, and perseverance you will achieve your goal.

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How To Get Rid Of Blackheads

I have a had my fair share of skin issues… My worst adversary was the blackhead. Blackheads plagued my teens and early 20s. They are an eyesore, and they can be very embarrassing for the sufferer. I love helping people feel good about themselves, so I write these articles to aid others in their search for flawless skin underneath er their makeup.

For the guys, flawless skin period. I sat for a long time contemplating about what I should share with you all this time, and it hit me as I was peeling off one of my masks…. BLACKHEADS!!!! I am not happy at all when one appears on my face. Without further ado, I give you How to get rid of blackheads.

What is a blackhead?

A pimple is born

Many think that pimples and blackheads are the same, that could not be farther from the truth. You see, pimples are born when your pores become clogged with too much sebum, or dead skin cells. Bacteria gets trapped inside the pores and it multiplies, which leads to swelling and redness. Birthing a pimple on your face.

A blackhead forms

Blackheads appear when a plug develops in the hair follicle. A blackhead develops when there is a plug at the skin’s surface. A pimple or acne is born when bacteria gets trapped in a pore deep within the skin.

Witch Hazel

For years my mom told me about the capabilities of witch hazel. I always wondered why her skin always stayed so acne and blackhead free. Once day, I listened and the results were phenomenal.

Benefits of Witch Hazel

Witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) is a shrub that is native to the U.S. For centuries the Native Americans used this shrub as a remedy for various skin ailments that were related to irritation and inflammation.

It is a great remedy for acne which makes the skin inflamed, but it also helps with blackheads which do not cause swelling and inflammation. Witch hazel acts as an astringent by drying out your acne and blackhead blemishes.

The active tannins in witch hazel is the causes the drying out of the blemishes, these plant-based compounds have antioxidant effects.

How to apply witch hazel to your face

  • You apply witch hazel with a cotton ball all over your face, or in your problem areas.

Let it dry, avoid your eyes, and always do a skin patch test.

Green Tea

Benefits of Green Tea on skin

Green tea originated in China, it can be traced all the way back to 2737 B.C. Green tea has a lot of benefits, but many do not know that it can be used on your skin yielding optimal results when it comes to blackhead banishment. Green tea is very high in antioxidants. It decreases oils and inflammation on the skin. It also helps prevent future breakouts as long as it is used frequently.

The tea contains a powerful antioxidant (EGCG). EGCG fights damage from UV rays that can cause Cancer preventing the development of Cancer cells. It is also a potent anti-aging ingredient which helps fight signs of aging when ingested or used topically. Green tea contains a powerful antibacterial agent that is great for treating acne and unclogging pores.

How to make Green tea for your skin

  • You can use green tea bags or loose tea leaves.
  • Put them into a pot, pour in a cup of water.
  • Bring to a boil.
  • Once the tea bag or leaves comes to a boil, let it steep for 5 minutes.
  • Let the hot tea cool down.
  • Apply it to your face with a cotton ball.
  • Let it dry on your face.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps control bacteria that causes acne, and reduce the appearance of scars. The acetic acid that is in apple cider vinegar dissolves the dead skin cells and removes other impurities, these impurities are the cause of clogged skin pores and can be the cause of blackheads.

Apple cider vinegar boasts antibacterial properties that can do away with acne. The miracle liquid unclogs pores from bacteria, excess oil, and other debris. It also balances the pH level of our skin.

How to apply apple cider vinegar to the face

You would apply apple cider vinegar to your face like you would witch hazel.

  • Apply with a cotton ball. (You should dilute the apple cider vinegar because it is acidic)
  • Apply on face, and let dry. (Be sure to avoid your eyes)


I hope my article, how to get rid of blackheads, shed some light on a few ways to get rid of unsightly blemishes. I hope anything I post aids you in your many skin endeavors.

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Natural Ways To Moisturize Skin

There are several different natural ways to moisturize  skin.  I want to share some of the ways with you all. These are the moisturizers that I deem vital or feel like that are a good addition to your skin care routine. Your skin naturally produces oil, called sebum. Sebum helps protect the skin from moisture loss, but everyday actions like forgetting to put on moisturizer and other daily things tend to strip natural oils from the skin. Those of us who do not suffer from acne can use oils can help restore skin’s sheen and protective barrier. Acne is caused by an overproduction of sebum.

Aloe Vera

Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel could be your new favorite moisturizer. It’s good for  a lot more than burns. If you are looking for a moisturizer that will not weigh your skin down then you should think about using aloe Vera gel. … Aloe Vera has a good reputation for improving acne and clearing up clogged pores.

Aloe Vera gel absorbs easily, which makes it really good for oily skin.  Sometimes too much of a good thing can be bad for your, or your skin in this case, so you do not want to get too happy with the gel because excessive use can dry the skin out.  There are no  special instructions written for Aloe Vera. As usual, ALWAYS do a skin patch test, if it starts to dry out your skin just scale back your usage until you have corrected the problem.

Avocado Mask

Benefits of Avocado

The avocado (Persea americana)  hails from south central Mexico  between 5,000 to 7,000 B.C.  Archaeologists in Peru found avocado seeds that date all the way back to the time of the Incas. Sir Hans Sloane is believed to be the one who coined the word “avocado” in 1696. The avocado is packed full of healthy benefits.

The fruit is jam-packed a bunch of rich nature goodness It is an excellent wellspring of twenty vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B, C, E and K, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, magnesium, potassium, lutein, beta-carotene, omega-3 fatty acids and anti-ageing antioxidants.

Avocado face masks recipes

Because of its high healthy fat, vitamin and antioxidant properties that it possesses, using the avocado face mask can leave the skin feeling softer. Here are a few recipes to try out:

Avocado, honey, and yogurt

Honey and avocado have natural moisturizing  properties that are great for dry skin. The anti-ageing antioxidants in avocado make this an excellent mask for a more youthful appearance. The lactic acid in the yogurt restores the natural pH balance of the skin, and tightens the  pores.

  • Take a spoon and mash up half of an avocado and put it into a small bowl with some organic yogurt and honey.
  • Mix until it is blended well together and apply to the skin after first washing your face initially.
  • Leave it on for 20 minutes, or until it has hardened
  • Thoroughly rinse off the mask with warm water. Ensure that you wash your face good because avocado is hard to get out of the eyebrows or facial hair (for guys) sometimes.

Repeat weekly for the best results.

Avocado, banana, egg yolk mask

This mask possesses high levels of antioxidants and vitamin C contained in bananas. They are great for maintaining the skin’s elasticity. Bananas contain vitamin A, this can leave the skin moisturized. Egg yolk contains fat that serves to plump up the skin, which leaves it more supple. Egg yolk also contains vitamin A it is also known as retinal and thus, is an excellent anti-ageing ingredient.

  • Mix half a ripe banana, egg yolk and half an avocado to form a paste and smear all over cleansed skin.
  • Leave on for 20 minutes or until mask has hardened some.

Avocado, egg white, and lemon mask

Lemon is antibacterial and contains vitamin C, these properties fight oily skin. The egg white helps to tighten the skin, it makes  a reputable natural remedy to fight acne.

  • Stir up the egg white until it is bubbly like the foam of a beer, combine with half an avocado, mashed up, and  a good amount ( use your own discretion) of freshly squeezed lemon juice to create a paste.
  • Apply the  paste to your skin and leave on till dry
  • Rinse off with warm water.
  • Pat your skin dry with a clean towel.

Due to the harshness of the lemon, do your best to avoid getting the mask near the eyes and rinse off if the mask starts to irritate. ( Avoid this mask if you have sensitive skin or if you have had an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients listed above.)

Homemade Oatmeal Honey Mask

Benefits of oatmeal

Oatmeal has 18 different amino acids, these little guys are essential to healthy skin. They act as building blocks for the body, helping to rebuild tissue and promote healing.

Oatmeal has skin-soothing properties and it is hypoallergenic.   These characteristics can also help alleviate rashes and allergic reactions, and other skin damage.

Oatmeal by itself will not moisturize your skin, it is a beneficial part in a moisturizing face mask. Oatmeal helps your skin retain moisture.

  • Mix 2 tbsp of oats with a tablespoon of honey and a dash of water.
  • Warm up the mixture, then rubbing it into your skin.
  • You can use it just to exfoliate and wash it off right away, or leave it on for 20 minutes.


Benefits of milk

Milk  is rich in B-vitamins, calcium and other potent antioxidants. It nourishes skin cells from deep within and keep skin moisturized all day.

Darker skin tones and hyper pigmentation can be rectified by applying raw milk on the trouble spots. The high lactic acid content not only has skin-lightening properties.

Beta hydroxy is a lactic acid, a form of alpha hydroxy acid found in raw milk. This potent alpha hydroxy acid mildly gets rid of  excess dead cells off the skin’s surface, revealing soft skin underneath.

  • Dip a cotton ball in some milk and dab gently all over your dry skin.
  • Let it to sit for 20 minutes.
  • When the mask is drying up, DO NOT move your face because  you may stretch the mask which will lead to fine lines.
  • Wash off with cool water.


There are plenty of natural ways to moisturize skin, honestly, too many to place in this article. I hope what I did write helps someone.  As I always say, you should aim to take care of your skin underneath the makeup you put on your face. The health of your skin is very important. Your face is the first thing people see when they approach you or you approach them. The examples I listed above are unisex, they can be used for males and females, I try not to leave anyone out when I am writing my posts.

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Natural Oils For Skin Care

Natural oils are great for skin care. They are a good moisturizer.  Using natural oils for skin care can help prevent and fade  damage as a result of time moving along. Natural oils for skin care is centered around natural oils and their skin cleansing capabilities which help remove  harmful pathogens from the skin. 

Coconut Oil


Benefits of coconut oil

Cocos nucifera, the coconut, is set apart from other fruits by its higher than average water content. It is has been harvested for years for its coconut water or “juice.”

It can tame frizzy hair and moisturize dry skin. For centuries it has been used in a wide and diverse range of beauty enhancing products. Coconut oil has become a popular ingredient in many beauty products. 

Coconut oil is known for its anti-aging properties. Coconut oil has anti-oxidant properties and it has been used to treat various skin illnesses such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. Coconut oil can help to restore the skin’s natural PH levels.

How To Use

Rub a bit of coconut oil around your eyes

Coconut oil is a really good under eye cream. It helps by improving dark circles and keeping wrinkles from forming.

  • Use your fingertip to dab a half of a dime size amount under your eyes. ( Make sure your hands are clean before using your finger to apply the coconut oil)
  •  Gently run your fingertip along your under eye.

Rub coconut oil on your lip

Coconut oil will moisturize dry lips. It’s edible, so you do not have to worry about ingesting a little. Eating coconut oil is awesome for your health.

Use coconut oil as a face cream.

If your skin seems to be dry, then you should consider applying coconut oil as a face cream.

  • Put it on after washing your face.
  • Let it absorb into your skin for 10 minutes before applying makeup.

Experiment by using coconut oil on just one patch of skin for a couple of days. If you see no signs of a breakout  then use it as you like.

Olive Oil

Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of my favorites natural oils to use. Olive oil acts as an antioxidant; This is a substance that prevents oxidation. Oxidation is a process where free radicals are produced. Free radicals are chemicals that can damage cells and may contribute to cancer developing over time.

Antioxidants can prevent premature aging. Olive oil contains the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. Some of these vitamins may be beneficial for the skin.

It has been shown to have antibacterial properties; Virgin coconut oil is more effective at eliminating the bacteria.

Use the oil cleansing method

Remove makeup

Olive oil can be used to remove makeup alone, or you can add a bit of lemon juice to help prevent breakouts.
Lemon juice helps treat acne because it is a disinfectant. It can destroy the bacteria that cause breakouts. Olive oil is a preferred makeup remover for people with sensitive skin.


  • Mix the olive oil with sea salt or sugar to concoct a natural exfoliate.
  • You will mix a tablespoon of olive oil with ½ teaspoon of salt or sugar.
  • Apply to your face.
  • Rinse with warm water.

Sugar is less harsh than salt, so use sugar if you have sensitive skin. (I recommend that you use brown sugar )


Olive oil is a better moisturizer than many cosmetic products because some products can be harsh on the skin.
You can massage olive oil into the skin by itself.

Create a mask

Olive oil can be combined with a lot of different natural products to create a face mask.

  • For those who suffer from dry skin, you would mix a 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil with an egg yolk and a tablespoon of flour. If the paste becomes too thick and is difficult to spread, add more oil.
  • Spread over your face.
  • Leave the mask on your face for 20 minutes to fully moisturize.
  • Wash off with warm water.
  • Pat your face dry with a clean towel.

Sunflower Seed Oil


Benefits of Sunflower Seed Oil

Sunflower oil is a non-comedogenic carrier oil. That means it is highly absorbent, and will not clog pores. It’does not irritate the skin of most people.  It can be used on all types of skin.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps protect skin from free radicals and from adverse effects of the sun, such as premature aging and wrinkles.

Linoleic acid helps to maintain the skin’s natural barrier. This function supports its ability to keep moisture in. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect when used topically, which makes it  very beneficial for dry skin and for conditions, such as eczema.

Sunflower oil is effective at improving skin hydration.

One way to use Sunflower seed oil

There are various ways you can use sunflower oil on your skin. You can use sunflower oil on your face for moisturizing:


  • Use as you desire, but I prefer to use a tiny amount of sunflower oil directly into your hand.
  •  Then you would massage it  gently into skin until all of it has been absorbed.

Jojoba Oil

Benefits Of Jojoba Oil
The jojoba plant is a robust, perennial plant that grows in North America. The Jojoba plant  produces a nut with many healing properties.

The nut of the jojoba plant can be made into an oil. Jojoba oil is really gentle so it can be used as a carrier oil to mix with other natural oils. You can also use it on its own.

Jojoba oil works to seal your skin with a protective barrier to keep it from losing moisture. It can kill certain bacteria and fungi that can cause salmonella, an E. coli infection, and candida.


Honestly, the list of natural oils is long. I just wanted to provide you all with a glimpse into a vast world of oils. Before you do anything I encourage you to do your research, do skin patch tests, and try, try, try again. What may work for you may not work for someone else. That is okay; we all come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and ethic backgrounds. Be you, love you, and stay different.

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How To Remove Facial Hair Naturally

I, too, am a sufferer of unwanted facial hair. It is unsightly, annoying, and downright embarrassing…. Yes, I understand your pain more than anyone, Ladies. When I think of how I envisioned my face, I did not envision it with more than peach fuss on it. This is why I am going to let you in on MY little secret. How to remove facial hair naturally with four different face masks. These DIY techniques remove the unwanted hair while nourishing your skin at the same time. You have to take care of your skin before you put on your makeup and face masks are your go to for this. Without further ado. I give you… How To Remove Facal Hair Naturally

Egg White Mask

This face mask is cost-efficient, and simple.

Benefits of eggs

Eggs are great for deep cleansing treatments and the protein is good for firming up your skin. Shrink or tighten pores with an egg white face mask. This egg white mask will leave your skin smooth and soft. Protein in the egg whites help with the skin’s elasticity.

This you will need to round up:

  • One egg
  • A roll of one ply tissue paper
  • Flat-head makeup brush
  • Small bowl
  1. Crack open your egg. You want to do your best to separate the yolk and the egg white into a small bowl.
  2. Whisk your egg whites, or stir your egg whites very well.
  3. Apply a thin layer of the egg white with your flat-head makeup brush. It is a good idea to put the egg white on the area that are prone to blackheads.
  4. Cover the areas that you have applied the egg white to with pieces of tissue from the tissue roll mentioned above. Ensure that you layer these areas very well to get good coverage, the more layers the better. It should feel like you are a mummy from ancient Egypt.
  5. Wait 40 minutes, or until you feel that the mask has fully hardened, then pull off in an upward motion, starting from your chin.  I recommend using a timer because I’ve fallen asleep too many times doing this mask. Trust me, it is a very easy thing to do.

Sugar and Lime

This is a good cost-efficient mask. Warning: I do not deem it wise to do this particular mask if you have sensitive skin. As usual do a skin patch test.

Benefits of sugar

Sugar is used a lot in skin products for a various reason. Sugar is a humectant, it draws moisture to your skin from the environment. Sugar contains glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid that helps condition and moisturize skin and protect it from toxins. Last but not least, sugar makes an excellent exfoliate due to the small particles it embodies. The particles remove  dead surface skin cells by scrubbing them away.

Benefits of honey

Honey is also a humectant; It offers antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that help when fighting against acne. Honey has natural antioxidants, these little soldiers help protect the skin from ultraviolet damage. It pull impurities from the skin and aid in the healing of the skin. Finally, it offers anti-inflammatory properties that reduce fluid retention under the skin and minimize scarring.

Benefits of lime

Limes have astringent qualities, these qualities cause tightening of muscles for a short period of ti,me. Putting lime juice on your skin can make pores smaller and make your have a smoother appearance, thus improving the appearance of your complexion overall. Lime juice contains vitamin C and flavonoids, which have antioxidant, antibiotic and disinfectant agents. The citric acid found in limes helps remove dead skin from your face the citric acid keeps your face clean and acne-free. You will only need… Honey and sugar, any kind of sugar will do. However, I like to use brown sugar, it is softer than regular sugar.

To achieve a smooth face you will do the following:

  1. Mix together to form the mask.
  2. Apply to unwanted facial hair in the direction of the hair growth. Apply a thin layer.
  3. Let sit on face for 10 to 15 minutes or until tight.
  4. Wipe off with a warm washcloth. It is wise to wash this mask off fully as sugar can make your face feel stick if it is not wiped off completely.

Tip: If  the hair on your face is stubborn you can apply a thick strip of cotton cloth to the mask after it has set and pull the hair off. Pull  in the opposite direction of hair growth in a swift motion to remove facial hair.


There are many ways to remove facial hair from your face, I personally like the natural. Whatever way you choose to remove hair is perfectly fine. Thank you so much for your time. Please leave a comment below.

Makeup mirror with lights- Be Vain

Mirror with lights

We all like to make ourselves up, get dressed up, and have a night out on the town from time to time. If you are like me, when you step out you want to do it the properly. However, with anything you need the proper tools. The same way you would shop around online at Best Buy, Brands Mart, or other store to compare the prices of a TV or a laptop you would do the same for your makeup mirror with lights (Vanity). You would research different types of vanity mirrors and the lights that up the mirrors, such as back lighted mirrors or lighted mirrors (LED illuminated). Before you go to purchase your mirror, you want to ask yourself these questions while during your research.

  1. What is the best light up makeup mirror?
  2. What kind of lighting is best for applying makeup?
  3. Are back lit makeup mirrors good for makeup?
  4. What are the differences between back lit and LED illuminated mirrors?

It is imperative to do your research before purchasing anything. You do not want to go buy anything on a whim. You should compare the prices, research the brands you would like to purchase, and see if the online store offers mail-in rebates. Figure out exactly what it is you want down to the very minute detail. You want to be happy with your purchase. Leave no stone upturned! I cannot stress enough how much you should research a product before you purchase it.

Read the reviews, and ask someone you know who has purchased an item similar to what you are trying to purchase, word of mouth is still valid. Make sure you know how many different variations the item comes in. And lastly, enjoy the experience. You only have one life to live, live it well.

Shedding some light on history

The vanity table has a long history. Today it is called a vanity table. I am writing this article about the mirror portion of the vanity table, just to be clear. In the 19th century it was called a dressing table they were used as accessory furniture and served both functional and a decorative purpose; a mirror that could be tipped for a better view was attached to the top of the table in the 1750s.

There are different kinds of vanities, you have freestanding vanities and vanities where the base is cut out in the cabinetry. The vanities cut out in cabinetry are the ones with the makeup mirror with lights mounted on the wall. The freestanding vanities have the mirror attached to the base.

What is the best light up mirror?

After doing much research, the Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror With 5x Magnification reigned supreme amoungst all the other mirrors on Amazon. People noted how easier it was to apply makeup with a mirror from Jerdon. Some women stood strongly behind the mirror saying that they use it every day. The magnification on the item stands on its on with little to no competition.

What kind of lighting is best for applying makeup?

Good lighting allows you to apply face makeup without having to worry about shadows. Too much light creates heat which can lead to sweating, and too light doesn’t allow you to apply your makeup correctly, making it difficult to achieve the look you want.

The best condition for applying makeup is a warm or natural light source. Natural sunlight provides the most accurate reflection of your face. When you are indoors or if the day is cloudy it is best to use a LED light as LED lights mimic the sun’s rays. LED lights are designed to define color contrast in your space which makes your room look more colorful and brighter.

Are back lights good for makeup?

There are different kinds of lighting on makeup mirrors with lights, back lighting is just one type. Backlighting can only be done when the mirror is mounted on a wall. Backlit mirrors are one of the most popular mirrors.They are installed in the bathroom; LED lighting tubes it behind the mirror, outlining its perimeter. It gives off a subtle, but sufficient light that make it easier to shave, tweeze, minimize pores, or whatever you need to do that requires a well-lit reflection.

Through the LED lights, the mirror can create a glow, which can be a standout light source in the bathroom, creating a certain mood. The subtle lights from the mirror outline can make the mirror stand out, and come off the wall, creating a layer of depth, but still enough to let people use it for makeup and other essential activities inside of the room.

What are the differences between back lit and LED Lit Mirrors?

Backlit mirrorThe difference between a back lit and standard LED illuminated mirror is where the bulbs/ lighting source is situated. The LED mirror can drastically transform a darker room into a very well lit, and welcoming environment. A good illuminated makeup mirror with lights can bring your bathroom or makeup room to life, adding a warm glow that enhance the relaxing mood of your personal space.

They are highly popular for en suites ans smaller rooms, illuminated or LED lit rooms mirrors reduce gloom and can make a room feel larger and more expansive. LED lit makeup mirrors are the most popular due to the light output the tiny LED bulbs produce. LED bulbs are more energy efficient than a standard light bulb. It helps to reduce electricity costs, as well as bathing your room in a soothing, flicker free light. These mirrors, if mounted permanently to a wall, are usually wired directly in your mains supply. Freestanding makeup mirrors with lights can be battery operated, or plugged into the wall through a cord connected to the mirror.

Backlit mirrors offer some same advantages, but can be slightly cheaper depending on the size of the mirror. Backlit mirrors have their bulbs mounted towards the back of the mirror with the light shining beautifully through carefully etched shapes of glass. This is opposite to the mirrors mentioned above, which have their bulbs mounted on the top of or within the surface.

Thanks to their design, these mirrors can incorporate a wider range of lighting shapes than many other types of mirrors, allowing new and unusual styles and designs which can truly make your room stand out. While these lights are not as bright as the LED makeup mirrors with lights mentioned above, they provide a subtle and warming glow which can would greatly benefit any room. These are perfect for your morning shave or putting on your makeup.


Antique vanityTo sum it all up, you need the right tool for any job. Even though it may seem minuscule to some many makeup gurus, makeup hobbyists, and professional makeup artists will tell you that good lighting is everything in their world. You had better believe they do their research on each and every product they use. I believe you should as well. Besides, it is your face. Wear it well.

Put your best face forward,


Beginner’s Makeup Kit- Euphoria

Beginner's Makeup kit

When starting something new you have to begin somewhere, you have to make a line or some kind of indention. Rome was not built overnight, and neither will your makeup kit be built overnight. It will take some time, it will take some patience and perseverance in order to get the makeup brush going. There are several KEY components that you will need in order to achieve your beauty goals. I will only be going over the ones that I deem important followed by a list of all the items that a solid beginner’s makeup kit should entail. As with anything, you MUST lay a foundation. You will go on to seal it up, and you cannot have a fabulous face without a bronzer or eyebrows to die for.

Facial Cleanse


A beautiful face cannot be achieved without a good skincare regimen. Any good makeup kit will include a good facial cleanse product. It is imperative that you have a solid facial cleaner or cleansing product in your kit. A facial cleanser is a facial product that is used to remove makeup, dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and other types of pollutants from your skin.

This helps unclog and prevent skin conditions like, acne. A person should make removing makeup a part of their daily skincare routine because it is good for your skin. When you forget to wash your at night you increase your chances of bacteria and particles from your makeup, mascara and eyeliner, seeping into your eyes. Mascara and eyeliner seeping into your eyes can lead to discomfort and increase your chances of eye infections in the future.


Face-cream-moisturizerNo one wants dull dry skin, which can be brought on by washing your face with harsh cleaners or excessive washing. You will want to include a moisturizer in your arsenal. Moisturizers do just that, moisturize. They provide your skin with what it need to be soft, supple and full of life. Moisturizers helps treat your skin when it is dry and it prevents it from drying out again; Moisturizers hold water in the outer layer of the skin.

They help protect sensitive skin, improve skin tone, texture, and mask skin imperfections. They act as a temporary barrier for your skin. This is a must have because if your skin is not moisturized properly it can and will lead to wrinkles. When the skin is dried out for a long period of time it can lead to a terrible bout of inflammation, which could lead the breaking down of collagen in the skin leading to premature aging.


Makeup primerWhen preparing your first kit you will definitely need a primer. Painters prime before they work on any canvas. Your face is your blank canvas, therefore, I feel you should use a primer. Primers create an extra layer between your skin and makeup. Priming products are predominantly used to prolong your makeup, smooth the skin surface, and even out the skin tone. Different primers can be used for the face, eyes, lips, and even the lashes.

A face primer goes underneath your makeup to help your makeup stay in place and give your complexion an evenness, a boosted glow, and extra skin benefits. In the past dermatologists have debated over if primers are really needed. Honestly, if you sweat a bit, like I do, you may need to use a  primer, but if your makeup stays in place without it and your skin is smooth without using a primer….I say go primerless. To each his or her own.

Eyebrow Pencil

Makeup eyebrow pencilHaving an efficient eyebrow pencil in your makeup arsenal is good because they are used to fill in and define the eyebrows. Eyebrow pencils are constructed from different materials. Some use Jojoba oil and Shea Butter for a smoother finish on the eyebrows, not to mention a more natural formula because the eye area tends be very delicate. Eyebrow pencils come in a vast array of colors, but it is recommended that you pick an eyebrow pencil closest to your eyebrow color.


Powder foundationFoundations cover up imperfections, they provide a more even skin tone, and give you the look that you desire.  It helps highlights go on more smoothly. It gives the look of a light or golden tan without the risk that sunbathing entails. There are several types of foundations, they are all generally applied the same way, be it foundation brush or a sponge. Some foundations can be applied with the finger, but make sure your hands are clean because bacteria can be spread via your finger. Liquids, creams, and powder foundations all act to create a more even complexion; Foundations  create an even base for your other makeup.



Makeup consealerA concealer is a type of cosmetic that is used to mask dark circles, age spots, large pores, and other small blemishes. Concealer comes in a container smaller than foundation; it is not used on your whole face.





Makeup highlighterWhen I think of a highlighter, I think… Let there be LIGHT!!!! A highlighter attracts light, creating the illusion of brightness and height. It makes you seem like you are glowing. They enhance your skin giving it a more misty glow. Every makeup kit should include this little life changer.

Setting Spray

Makeup setting sprayIf you want to go swimming this baby is your go to. It could rain cats and dogs and you would still be looking as beautiful as ever, as long as you MAKE SURE it is a waterproof setting spray. Setting is a must in any kit, it was designed to make your makeup last longer.  When you think of setting spray think of a concrete slab or beam they are budge proof and  setting spray will make your makeup  budge proof. Your makeup will stay where you put it regardless of the weather or any situation.


I believe that if you start strong you will finish strong. A person’s makeup kit should reflect who they are. It should reflect their creative side, and it should be something they want it to be. As I stated in my introduction, there are many components that should make up your starter makeup kit. But here is a full list for those who are curious.

  • Facial cleanserFull beginner's makeup kit
  • Moisterizer
  • Primer
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Eye shadow palette
  • Eyeliner
  • Bronzer
  • Highlighter
  • Lip color
  • Setting spray

About Ye’Keiseaya

About Ye’Keiseaya


Hello, everyone, welcome to my My Kind Of Makeup Kits website. Makeup, beauty and skincare have been a passion of mine since I can remember. I remember being a little girl watching my mother get dressed to go out and I was just in awe because I think that my mother is one of the most beautiful mothers in the world, and one day I wanted to grow up and get all dressed up and beautified, as we call it, when I have a special event, when I was going out for a family outing, when I wanted to go out for a night on the town, or just simply going to work. I realized at an early age that makeup, beauty products and skincare, when done properly, puts a little extra something in your spirit. You feel good about yourself when your skin is clearer, or when you found the perfect shade of eye shadow to accentuate your look. No, you aren’t dependent on the makeup/ beauty products to make you happy. It is a way to express yourself, to let the world know who you are without even speaking a word.


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

Growing up and going through puberty, the dreaded acne and the different changes my body was going through, I went through a period in my life where I was bullied. I was bullied for being different. No two people are the same, in fact, even identical twins are not EXACTLY the same. I want to let people from all walks of life know that it is 100% okay to be you because there is only one you and you cannot be anyone else. I was bullied for being myself, in all that I am. During this time in my life, the latter years of middle school through my first year of high school, I slipped into a dark depressive state and tried to cover up what others thought was unflattering with different fads of clothing, or different trends. I wanted to COVER up who they saw.

I wanted to cover up the REAL me, the who they did not like, nor would accept. I am a woman of faith and I accept people from all different walks of life. This where God stepped in. My aunt sat me down and had a long chat with me about using  different fads and trends as an enhancer to enhance my beauty. She let me know that if I had to cover up who I was for my classmates to accept me for who I was that I did not need people like that in my life. From that day forward I used my beauty products as an enhancer, and Accentuate. I no longer hide behind the trends or fads. I made this website for that purpose, to let everyone know they should not cover up who they are for anyone.

Enlighten, enable, and uplift

I want to act as a guide, a positive influence to all who grace my website with their presence. I want to help those individuals who feel like they have been someone different in order to be accepted. I am here to educate and make people aware of the Do’s and Don’t’s of skincare regimens, beauty products, and makeup tips. My goal is to learn new things everyday, as I learn new things I will share the things I have learned.

All the best,