Benefits Of Grape Seed Oil On Skin

There are a lot of oils that are good for your skin, and honestly there are times when I cannot choose which oil to use on my skin. BUT!!! Grape Seed oil is one of my absolute favorite. It can do so much for the body, inside and out, but I will only be speaking about the skin today…. To narrow it down more, facial skin. I am a person who likes to put their best face forward, and you can only do that by having healthy skin. Your makeup is only as good as the face underneath it. Without further ado, the benefits of grape seed oil on skin.

Grape Seed Oil History

Grape seed oil goes back a long way. Documentation from historical archives show that grape cultivation dates back between 6,000 to 8,000 years ago in the country of Georgia which is located between Eastern Europe and West Asia.

The oldest winery was located in Armenia. Many other ancient nations in the Middle East and throughout the world have records that show they too used grapes in their cultures. Grape seed oil is also mentioned in the Bible as ancient healer and it was used by Daniel in the Old Testament.

The Ideal Setting To Grow Grapes

Grapevines can thrive in temperate climates that allow the vines to grow long, that allows for warm periods during the crucial flowering, and for the fruit set and ripening periods. This process starts when temperatures reach 10 degrees Celsius or 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nowadays, a person can grow a grape garden or a vineyard just about anywhere if the conditions are right. This is because grapes adapt to the surrounding environment. Grapevines can grow even in extreme temperatures, however, if you are really interested in growing a grape garden or a vineyard it is imperative that you do not plant grapevines near trees or structures that block sunlight and cuts off-air circulation.

Grapeseed Oil

Grape seed oil manufactures get the oil by squeezing the kernels of wine-producing grapes. To me, the best kind of grape seed oil is refined grape seed oil. I do not like dealing with anything that is ladened with chemicals, as they can have adverse effects on the body. This oil can be commercially produced, during this process it is produced by using chemical solvents like Hexane. Hexane is classified as and air pollutant and neurotoxin.

Hexane- Chemical solvent that is found in oils

Hexane is mainly used as a solvent to extract edible oils from seed and vegetables crops ( soybeans, peanuts, corn). Commercial grades of hexane are used as solvents for glues ( rubber cement, adhesives), varnishes, and inks. It is also used as a cleaning agent (degreaser) in the printing industry. It is used in low temperature thermometers.

The potential health hazards of hexane

When people are exposed to high levels of this chemical research shows that it causes mild CNS (Central Nervous System ) depression. CNS happens when a person’s body’s normal neurological functions slowdown. CNS effects include:

  • Dizziness
  • Giddiness
  • Slight nausea
  • Headaches

Other exposures to hexane vapors may cause dermatitis and irritation of the eyes and throat in people.

Industries where hexane Is found

According to a few articles that I’ve read, several hundred million pounds of hexane are produced in the Untied States each year in the form of solvents. It can be found as a cleaning agent in printing, shoe making, textile, automotive brake repairs, and furniture making and the food industry uses it in some products as well.


How Long Does Grapeseed Oil Last?

Grapeseed oil lasts about 6 months, while the bottle is still closed. Once you open the bottle of grapeseed oil is open, it is exposed to the elements ( air, heat, and light) this is where the oxidation process begins. The oxidation of oil is an undesirable process to say the least, it is composed of a series of chemical reactions involving oxygen that degrades the quality of an oil. Oxidation eventually causes the oil to spoil in a sense, this is accompanied by off flavors and vile smells. Once this process starts it cannot be stopped, nothing lasts forever. It can be slowed down in many ways. Here are some ways to slow the oxidation process:

  • Add an antioxidant

Side note: You can add absorbic acid ( vitamin C) to your oil to inhibit the oxidation process, this is the sole purpose of adding an antioxidant.

  • Store oils in airtight containers.
  • Refrigerate oils
  • Replace the oxygen in the containers with another gas

Side Note: A good and safe gas to use for this is Nitrogen. (It is an inert gas, which means that it does not interact directly with the product).

The benefits of Grapeseed oil

This particular oil is jammed packed full of vitamin E, a lot more than olive oil. Vitamin E works as a fat-soluable axtioxidant. this fat-soluble antioxidant helps protect the cells from damaging free radicals that may cause cancer, heart disease, and more chronic illnesses. Grapeseed, whether in extract or form or oil is used to treat a number of diseases.

The uses of grapeseed oil on skin

This miraculous oil can be used in various ways on your skin:

Moisturizes Skin

Grapeseed oil is great over all for moisturizing the skin. It is lightweight and it can be used on most skin types, since it has anti-flammatory attributes. It possesses high levels of linoleic acid and it doesn’t clog pores.

Stops and prevents reoccurring breakouts and heals scars

If you have constant breakouts, grapeseed oil will be your best ally in the war on acne. It is known to clear up breakouts due to its ability to reduce redness and inflammation. Grapeseed oil may promote cellular regeneration, which helps replace the skin that has been damaged. It may seem like a super oil, however, it does not have the ability to treat blemishes below the skin.

Shrink pores

Grapeseed oil is a carrier oil. It ids in the reducing of large pores. When applied to your face it shrinks pores down because it has astringent properties.

My Final Thoughts

As you can see the benefits of grapeseed oil on skin withstands the test of time, and we have’nt even scratched the surface for possible uses for the oil. Who knows, maybe one day we may even use grape seed oil as a fuel. It is one of my favorite oil to use for the reasons I listed above. It has so many great uses and it is packed with a plentiful amount of vitamin E, more than olive oil. I believe it will continue to withstand the test of time as it has for many years. As I said before, I prefer refined oils versus commercially manufactered oils to me they are healthier.

4 thoughts on “Benefits Of Grape Seed Oil On Skin

  1. Henderson says:

    It is good to learn about another wonderful type of oil. This one dates back a very long time and I think that it is one of the best that I have ever seen. Unfortunately, it can spoil if not properly preserved. I will like to try the grapeseed oil on my skin and see how it can help me. Does it help cure eczema and what else can it help with except from skin-related issues?

    • YeKeiseaya Fugerson says:

      Yes, I like to tell people about things that are unique, but beneficial. Unfortunately it does not cure eczema per se, but it does help make the condition more bearable. I will do some more research on issues with the skin and try to do more articles on those remedies. As for others uses, there is an abundance of things it can help with. 

      I make my own hair growth serum, it is composed of grapeseed oil and cayenne pepper. I just apply the concoction to my scalp, yes it is kind of warm but I only let it set there for 5 minutes or so then I wash it out. The vitamin E in grapeseed oil is great at growing hair and retaining length. 

  2. John says:

    Okay, this is a very good post looking at how you have presented the details on the benefits of the grape oil on the skin. This is something I didn’t think that i would learn today. Thank you so much for sharing these details here. I must say that it is very nice because i will show this new information I have learnt to friends. I didn’t know that the use of the oil dates back that long as well. Nice post. Thanks!

    • YeKeiseaya Fugerson says:

      Thank you so much, I try to mix things up a bit. I like to give people insight on things that aren’t conventional. I believe that we still can go to nature for the things that we need to heal our bodies or maintain them. I appreciate the fact that you took the time out to read my article. 

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